Volunteers are the lifeblood of most charities. We love our volunteers for the precious time, and skills they give to us, and we enjoy seeing how much they get back in return.

Volunteering with E4E is fun, rewarding and it's a chance to learn new skills, enjoy the fresh air and stay fit. As a volunteer, you'll be an important part of our team. We need volunteers with great people skills to regularly help in our equine programs, and on a more casual basis we want people who enjoy working outdoors; gardening, DIY, building, or fencing, or can help out with admin tasks. Volunteers working with clients will have police background checks done.


​Do I need to volunteer for specific hours?

It depends on the role. Roles with our equine programs do require a regular commitment, other roles are much more flexible.

Will I get to ride the horses?

No. Our horses are reserved for our clients. We look for volunteers who are interested in working with horses, who want to give back to their community, and want to work with, and assist those with disabilities to have enjoyable, enriching, and successful experiences.

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What sort of volunteer roles are there in your Equestrian programs?

  • Grooms - catch horses in the paddocks, and prepare them for the clients
  • Horse Leaders - these people lead the horse for the coach. They must listen to the coach, and either keep the horse still, or walking at the speed required (and in the direction required).
  • Side-walkers - many of our clients need support to stay in the saddle. A side-walker, literally walks beside the horse, and provides either physical or emotional support to the rider. Some clients require 2 side walkers, others just 1.
  • Arena helpers, and general hands - keeping the place clean and tidy, assisting with equipment, checking helmets and riding clothing

We do occasionally look for new coaching staff, and always look for people who have volunteered with us first.

Do I need to work with horses?

No, we do have other roles.

What other roles are there?

  • Gardener
  • Maintaining of Horse pastures, fences and equipment
  • Handy person
  • Professional skills to enhance our Board team such as: fundraising, publicity, volunteer management, organising events

If you enjoy getting out in the fresh air, while doing good in your community, we have a role for you.

Do you run volunteer events?

Yes, we do sometimes run 'working bees', and we have an annual "Ribbon Day' (a public competition day for our clients), that needs additional volunteers.

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Why do some roles have age limits?

Some roles may involve being able to work alone, until the coach arrives. Others need a certain level of strength, and concentration.

Does your volunteer program participate Duke of Edinburgh Service Awards?

Yes, we do.

What our Volunteers say

"I learn to care for the horses, and groundwork. I enjoy watching how far the kids come, from being scared of horses to riding, and being upset when they leave them. Every kid is different and it's fun to get to know their personalities." ​ - Ava

"I love it. I really enjoy the way the volunteers, and coaches work together with the people coming for lessons. The methods used help to empower, and build trust, and relationships. ​It is always great seeing the confidence, and skills grow each week" ​- Jan

"Its a very friendly environment, the volunteers and riders are a pleasure to be around. The horses all have great personalities, and I've loved being able to learn new skills with them. Each rider is different, with a challenge, but it is awesome to see how far they have come." ​- Casey

What Skills can I develop as a Volunteer?

Volunteering can show future employers that you are socially responsible, have a work ethic, and can be a great way to develop valuable skills, and volunteering may help you live a longer, happier life!

  • Communication
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Event planning and organising
  • Willingness to try new things
  • People management
  • Self-motivation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Working with different cultures, and abilities
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Working independently
  • Use of initiative
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Decision making
  • Positive attitude about the future
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