We keep our programme rates as low as we can, by fund raising, applying for grants for capital and other costs, and through the generous support of our volunteers, sponsors and donors. However, for some, the cost of attending is still too high, or puts their caregivers under severe financial strain.

Having a child, parent or sibling, with a disability can be very costly. Just covering the additional items and expenses that make life easier, or providing quality care, can use all of the public funding available - and then some. Equestrian 4 Everyone programs offer a unique opportunity for many of our clients, and their families or carers. For some it is so valuable to have a child who has one short period each week when they communicate, or smile, or make an emotional connection, that they are willing to do without what many of us consider basic necessities to have that session, while others just cannot make their budget stretch.

Scholarships help us to offer opportunities to those who may not be able to afford a regular session with us. This may be a child (or adult) in residential care, a former refugee with a disability, or a child who has suffered a trauma. Help us to offer our special equine care to these people.

  • 1 Term scholarship $150
  • Full year (4 terms) scholarship $600

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Info for Carers

Parents, Whanau, Carers. Are you aware of the funding options available to you, or the respite care options available? Check Here