Equestrian programs

Our purpose is to make equestrian accessible, and that means for everyone.

  • A supported riding program, called Client Oriented Rider Education (CORE), is for anyone who requires support to get onto the horse, or to sit in the saddle. We can provide sessions with up to 3 equestrian support staff (a horse leader, and 2 side-walkers), plus a coach.
  • Our independent riding programs, called "Pathways", are for anyone who can independently get into the saddle, and support themselves on the horse's back.

Pricing for our programs is heavily discounted; we rely on volunteers to help keep costs down

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Client Intro Pack


TUES or THURS 12:15- 4.45 PM

SATURDAY 9.30 AM - 12.15 PM

For those with disabilities only (all ages)

45 min sessions $255 per term*discounted price

Supported Riding; people who need support to get in the saddle, or to sit on the horse​​.

We tailor sessions to suit each individual's needs, and personal goals. May focus on physical mobility, communication, empathy, sensory engagement, or achievement.

All clients are assessed, and personal goals developed - both short, medium and long term. We aim to get all clients riding, but work at the pace that they can achieve physically, or emotionally.

Many can achieve independence in riding (off the lead rein).

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Little Lessons

WEDNESDAYS 10:15 AM- 12.15 PM

3+ year olds Miniature ponies

30 min sessions. $200 per term*discounted price

​Specially designed for young children, and pre-schoolers. Shorter, fun sessions for little, growing minds and bodies.

Children of all abilities participate in a range of activities, including grooming, leading, and riding our miniature horses. Cocoa, and Summer.

Please remember we are not a riding school (and our prices reflect that). These are designed as CORE sessions for very young children, with educational components outside of learning to ride.

Pathways Programs


Maximum of six in the group. 1 hour

$300 per term*discounted price

  • Level 1 - Intro
  • Level 2 - building
  • Level 3 - Proficient

Pathways programs are for independent riders (those that can mount, and sit in the saddle without additional support) at any level. They offer an education in basic horse care skills (leading, and groundwork, grooming, and general care of horses), along with basic riding instruction. Designed to give people an opportunity to interact with horses, and become confident around them.

Please remember we are not a riding school (and our prices reflect that). Having completed "pathways", we will support riders to move on to other local riding instructors, schools, or even into competition.

Read more on Pathways [PDF]

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*TERMS - terms follow school terms, and therefore may be between 9 and 11 weeks

To qualify for the discounted prices shown, full payment must be received prior to the first lesson (or be a pre-approved disabilities partner organisation)

Now weekly! Special Olympics North Shore or Hibiscus Coast

Training in groups to advance your skills and attend ribbon days.

* All applications must be made through a Special Olympics club

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