Sponsor a Pony

Sponsoring a horse for a year is a fun, and novel way to make a positive difference in your local community.

Sponsorship helps us to pay for: pasture maintenance, feed, and supplements (vitamins and minerals to keep our horses calm, and healthy), hoof care, dental care, vet bills (vaccinations, worming, blood-work) and other general expenses for our working ponies.

Vet care is something that is particularly important, as we cannot apply for grants for emergency vet care if a horse is ill, or injured as grants can only fund planned 'future' expenses.


  • A certificate with a photo of your sponsored horse for your own use
  • Recognition of your support on our website, and other social media, with a link to your website/facebook page
  • Recognition of your sponsorship on our premises
  • A media release issued about your sponsorship - We encourage you to come to visit your horse so that we can take publicity photos, and we can negotiate other benefits which meet your marketing needs
  • A right to renew the sponsorship at the end of the 12 month period
  • Positive impact on your staff and customers of your commitment to the community

Sponsorship Options

Mini Sponsorship $1000 per year

Pony, or Horse full sponsorship $2000 per year

Argon's Tommy Tucker

Argon Construction's Tommy Tucker

Tommy Tucker was purchased early in 2017 thanks to the generosity of our first sponsor Argon Construction.

Tommy's sponsorship covers his purchase cost, and his first year's expenses.

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Can I choose which horse I sponsor?

Yes, you can choose any horse or pony that is not currently sponsored. Find out about our Horses and Ponies Here >>Do I own the horse?

No, the funds are a sponsorship or gift in your name, or name of your company and go towards the care of the horse.Can I ride my sponsored horse at any time?

Our horses are dedicated to providing lessons, and activities for our clients. But we’d love for you to come and visit.What if my sponsored horse doesn’t use the full amount within the year?

The sponsorship does not cover all the costs associated with our horses, anything not spent on food, and other expenses will go towards tack, or other items for that horse.

What if something happens to my sponsored horse?

Sometimes, horses do have to retire, or have injuries. If this happens, we’ll keep you informed and if possible, transfer your sponsorship to another horse.