Horses Wanted

We're looking for new horses!

Equestrian 4 Everyone is expanding due to demand, and we need more horses capable of working with our adult clients. Do you have a special horse, who can no longer compete, but is a kind, and patient soul? We want to hear from you

A Special Pony

We don't need pretty horses, or horses who can gallop and jump. We need kind, patient horses, who are easy to handle on the ground, and love to care for their riders. This job is special; it's can be a cruisey life for the right horse, but it is also one with big responsibilities.

You lookin for me?
  • Must be solid build 13.2-14.2 We've found our bigger horses to cater for our adult riders, but we're still wanting a good solid, full height pony type.
  • 12+yrs - plenty of years on the clock but please no geriatrics. Our horses need to be used to being under saddle, hacking out, and have plenty of experience, but we are not a horse retirement village. Although most of the time our horses are on our property, ideally we would like to be able to give our independent riders the ability to go to a local show, or out on a hack if that's their goal. At the moment, we arrange this with others, but having horses of our own who could handle this would be ideal. We believe young horses, no matter how quiet, should be out enjoying lots of different experiences and having the chance to make young horse mistakes, or kick up their heels sometimes.
  • Prefer capable of being barefoot - it's just not necessary for our horses to be shod with the work they do.

Must be good to handle on the ground, and kind for those in the saddle.

  • Only needs to walk, trot. We do have independent riders, so if asked for canter, must not buck, or pigroot but being 'deaf' to canter requests is okay .
  • We have able bodied beginners, and those who need support when riding (side walkers, and leaders) so must be calm with plenty of people at close quarters.

We don't mind the slow, the plain ugly, or a horse with old scars, and no jump, but must be kind, patient, able to withstand cuddles, and clumsy, or over-enthusiastic pampering. Our horses live in paddocks with others, to have horsey fun in their time off, and have access to bush lined hacking trails (for our more independent riders), but may still be on a lead in some cases.

We know these horses aren't out there every day, but if you think you have one please let us know.

Side walkers are needed for many clients
leaders and side walkers

Please note, we do perform an assessment on horses before they are accepted into our programmes. We do not have room for horses that fail the assessment, if we cannot retrain* them, so they may be on sold after purchase. We will always try to perform an assessment BEFORE purchase.

*Equestrian 4 Everyone encourages the use of positive reinforcement training techniques.