Our Horses

Our Ponies and Horses

All our ponies, and horses live on-site, in paddocks so they can exercise, relax, and to do 'horsey things' with their friends between their work sessions. We ensure that they receive training to do their jobs with skill, and care, have regular health care (dental checkups, hoof care and vet care as required).


Our 10 year old welsh-arab pony.

Rocky is a very chilled pony who handles a high workload with grace, and patience. He totally understands our riders with disabilities, and changes himself to suit them, and keep them safe. He is also very happy to have a canter, and jump for those that are able.

Rocky at work

Argon's Tommy Tucker

Tommy joined us at the beginning of 2017. A Northland pony of unknown heritage, Tommy is a kind, and patient, chunky pony who is fitting in to his new role and enjoying life in our herd.

Tommy's purchase and upkeep for 2017 was proudly sponsored by Argon Construction

Argon's Tommy Tucker


June is our big Percheron x girl. She loves a scratch (anywhere), and is a kind, patient, gentle girl who loves lots of human attention.

June is confident and likes to go for a ride through the bush with our independent riders, yet calm enough to help our riders with disabilities.

June at work

Nutmeg "Meg"


Nutmeg is our oldest horse at 20 years, but has plenty of life in her, and is a friendly experienced girl for our riders, and volunteers.

At 15.2hh she is not as large as June, but more than big enough for our larger clients. Nutmeg has worked at a trekking company, and at a riding school so she handles just about anything in her stride.

Nutmeg aka Meg


Gus is an appaloosa, although you will have a hard time finding any spots. He's a calm, solid horse, who is happy to help out.



Lolly is our newest addition. She is also an appaloosa, but unlike Gus you can clearly see her heritage, with lots of spots.


‚ÄčOur Minis

Miniature horses are a great way for people to interact with horses for the first time, without being overwhelmed by the size of larger animals. They're mischievous, and always looking for fun, and food. Sponsor a Pony



Little Summer is our newest, and tiniest mini. About 14 years old, she is a grade A mini, mare with a gorgeous flaxen mane and tail. Despite her size is saddle broken, so she can take our tiny clients.


Cocoa is around 14 years old, and as been with us since beginning 2013. She should be called cupcake as she is just so sweet. Cocoa, is very good natured, just does as she's asked, and enjoys all the attention she gets

Special Notes for Minis

Small horses can get fat easily, and have very serious health issues because of it. Please don't feed our ponies with treats unless you ask the manager onsite first.

Our ponies live in what looks like a very bare paddock, but this is what their genetics need. They are regularly monitored, and given hay. There is no need to worry for these hardy little ponies; they are in far more danger if they are permitted access to grass - which can cause them to founder (and even die).