Give A Little

Whether your donation is large or small, you can be assured that every cent goes toward providing our services to the community.  You can drop off a donation during operating hours, attend one of our Ribbon Days, or make a donation via our Give A Little page. 

How you can claim your tax credits for donations

Learn what donations you can get a tax credit for, and how to apply 


We're looking to make long term relationships with Sponsors who reflect our values. We've put together a sponsorship kit with our sponsorship packages, but if you'd prefer to be involved in a special project, please let us know. 


Some of our clients find our fees a financial strain, but they also see the incredible difference it makes for their child, sibling, or even parent to attend our sessions.  Find out more about providing a scholarship

Sponsor a pony

Sponsor NutmegWant a really big, or maybe quite a small way to help?  Why not sponsor one of our horses, or a miniature pony.  We will acknowledge your sponsorship in a variety of ways, and it makes a huge difference to our operating costs, meaning we can concentrate on providing more quality service to our clients. 

Looking for a way to contribute, but can't do so financially?   Volunteer! 

Donating Items

Please ask before leaving items for us.  We appreciate your generosity, but can't always use the items offered.    We are looking for donations of any of the following:
Water tanks

If you have any of the 1000 litre transportable cubes, we'd love more of them for our horses water supply.  Must be clean and suitable for drinking water (no tanks that have previously held chemicals please - we do not have the ability to wash out tanks).  
Got a few spare sheets of roofing iron - we would love to build a bigger water catchment roof for our lower paddock water tanks. 
7 wire fencing, fence posts, or fencing equipment
Ripping out an old 7 wire fence?  If it's in reasonable condition and of a reasonable length, we'd love it.   Got a few leftover fence posts, or still hanging on to old fencing equipment even though you moved into town years ago... ? Please let us know, and we'll see if we have anyone who can pick up, or arrange a day when you can drop off.
Pretty much any spare 1 metre or more in length is a help to us
Timber, cladding, ply, Roofing materials, Hardfill
Check out this lovely.  Yes, this is the state of the shed on our site.  We know it probably needs bulldozing, but we don't own it, so we'd settle for making it a little less windy, and rainy inside with some donated cladding.   

front shed

pssst heading past with a few cubes of hardfill?  Who doesn't love hardfill for drainage, parking and paths in winter.