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Working at E4E

Are you an experienced equestrian coach, or have qualifications in education, or psychology and want to work with us?   We are looking for great people to enhance the quality, and capacity of our programmes.  Preference is given to people who have volunteered with us first, but we do encourage anyone with appropriate qualifications to contact us to find out more about current, and future, opportunities. 
Current Paid Positions  
We are currently looking for coaches for weekends, and as cover for our other programmes e.g. sick leave  

Weekend equestrian coache(s)

Equestrian 4 Everyone is a looking for an experienced equestrian coach for weekend, and\or casual work.

We are looking for someone to enhance the quality, and capacity of our programmes.  We need an experienced riding coach, who is also interested in teaching basic horsemanship skills (leading, catching ponies, tack etc) who can take charge of one-on-one sessions, or groups of up to 3 riders, and manage volunteers. 

Preference is given to coaches who have worked with people with disabilities*, but we encourage anyone with appropriate qualifications and willing to learn appropriate techniques and procedures to apply.

Must have 
  • excellent time management, and communication skills. 
  • people management - you will have volunteers of varying skills and part of your job will be retaining those volunteers and increasing their skill levels. 
  • good horsemanship, and coaching skills
  • be capable of following instructions - we have very particular requirements for our horses, and our volunteers, and clients so it is very important that all our coaches, and volunteers are working in the same way.  That may mean leaving your personal preferences at the door and being open to new coaching styles , and new ways of training horses. 

We are very flexible on hours - you may want the full weekend, weekday evenings, or just a few hours - we're happy to talk through current options and future opportunities.

*We currently run Sunday lessons for independent riders only [beginner riding school and horsemanship coaching], and we have the opportunity to expand this programme including changing day\time to suit applicant (and clients). 

We would also like to run these all through the year (not just school terms), and can give the applicant the freedom to run school holiday programmes if they wish.

This is a great opportunity for the right person to join our friendly, progressive team, and help to build this rapidly growing organisation.

Looking for an admin or business\Board position? These are all voluntary currently, so check out the volunteering page >>

School Holiday Programmes

Looking for something outside of the school term?  We are interested in hearing from anyone who has interest in running school holiday programmes - riding or other.  We will consider any well thought out proposal.