Without you, we could not provide our services to the community.

Our fees for lessons part pay for our running costs.  We fundraise, apply for grants, and receive sponsorship,  for vital infrastructure, and services.  We aim to keep our fees as low as possible, to ensure that we make equestrian experiences accessible to all. 

Our Major Supporters

Southern Trust   Foundation North   NZCT   Trillian Trust    Hibiscus and Bays Auckland Council Local Board   Pub Charity   
Argon Construction - Argon's Tommy Tucker       Lion Foundation

Major Projects 2017 

Trillian Trust

August 2017 - Thanks Trillian Trust for helping us keep our horses healthy.!

 Our horses' welfare are our highest priority.  As a charity it is easy to get stuck in reactive mode; dealing with emergencies, or needs as they arise.  But we wanted to be proactive, and created a full health plan for our horses (and our farm) during our strategic planning session.  A grant from Trillian Trust let's us put the first important steps of that plan into place - having all our horses and ponies vaccinated, and blood tested (so we have a baseline measure of their health), and implementing a good worming plan, with Faecal Egg Testing (FEC) to scientifically confirm the parasite control measures we need.  

Welcome Gus, thanks to Lion Foundation!

We now have an absolutely awesome team of horses, with the addition of Gus.  Gus was purchased with a grant from the Lion Foundation, and has settled in to his new role flawlessly. 

Lion Foundation Gus

Stage II Arena Upgrades - May 2017
Thanks to Pub Charity, we managed to complete stage two of the arena upgrade during the May school holidays.   Last year (also thanks to Pub Charity) we had the surface graded, and new cushionride installed.  This year, in stage two we have had arena fencing installed, and another top up of cushionride.  The results are a much safer, more comfortable working area for our clients, our staff and our horses. 

New tack, and a new pony, to start the new year - Feb 2017

We've added another new pony to the team.  Tommy Tucker will hopefully help take some of the load off Rocky, as he is another mid-sized sturdy pony.  Tommy was purchased through our Sponsor - a - Pony programme thanks to Argon Construction
Argon Tommy Tucker

New Tack thanks to Foundation North grant 2017
We also received a grant for new tack at the end of last year from Foundation North and this has been used to purchase a selection of great new tack that will support and aid our riders in the saddle. 


Our Amazing New Mounting Ramp! - Jan 2017 

We now have a fabulous new mounting ramp which will make all our clients (and our coaches) much happier getting onto their horse. 
mounting ramp   Grace Gives grant helped us build our new accessible mounting ramp

Major Projects 2016

Thanks to Pub Charity for funding our major project of 2016 - the arena resurfacing (and drainage) that has improved our facilities 100% (particularly in winter). 

Our new accessible mounting ramp was created thanks to a grant from Grace Gives, an anonymous donor, and the time and skills of the Coopers (a father and son duo responsible for the design and build)
accessible mounting ramp

Foundation North Foundation North's grant supplied new tack, including fit-for-purpose treeless saddles 

THANK YOU also to the many other supporters who have helped us provide our services to the community    Bramble and Burr Fine Leathergoods