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Our Programmes

Client Focused

All our supported riding programmes are client focused, and customised to each individuals needs. They all have the underlying philosophy of connecting with a horse on on the ground through handling, grooming, and leading.   For some people sessions may not include much, or indeed any riding, particularly at the beginning, or during any changes in circumstances.  

 All clients are assessed, and personal goals developed - both short, medium and long term. We aim to get all clients riding, but work at the pace that they can achieve physically, or emotionally. 

Independent Riding : Pathways Programs

Our goal is to see riders reach their potential, then we support them into moving onto other local riding instructors, schools, or even into competition pathways once they are riding independently and confidently. 

Our independent riding program is targeted at absolute beginners, and are designed to give people an opportunity to interact with horses, and become confident around them.  We offer an education in basic horse care skills, before moving on to riding instruction - leading, and groundwork, grooming, and general care of horses.


Client Oriented Rider Education

TUES, THURS 12:15- 4.45 PM or SATURDAY 9.30 AM - 12.15 PM

For those with disabilities, all ages.  45 min sessions $250 per term

​We tailor sessions to suit each individual's needs, and personal goals.  

Some focus on physical mobility, communication, empathy, sensory engagement, or achievement.  

Many can achieve independence in riding (off the lead rein).



Little Lessons

WEDNESDAYS 10:15 AM- 12.15 PM

3+ year olds  Miniature ponies

30 min sessions. $180 per term

​Specially designed for young children, and pre-schoolers.  Shorter, fun sessions for little, growing minds and bodies.  

Children of all abilities participate in a range of activities, including grooming, leading, and riding our miniature horses. Cocoa, Casper, and Summer.

Pathways Programs


Maximum of six in the group. $250 per term

Pathways programs are for independent riders (those that can mount, and sit in the saddle without additional support) at any level.   The aim is to find a pathway into equestrian sport, recreation, ownership, education or even employment. 

​Learning all aspects of what it takes to own your own pony, including collecting them from the paddock. leading correctly, working the ponies on the ground, tacking up, and horse care. 

Levels 1  - Intro
Level 2 - Proficient