About Us

Equestrian 4 Everyone is a registered charity, started in 2012 with 2 borrowed ponies, and using hired, or borrowed facilities.  We now have 4 ponies, and 3 horses, working on our own leased grounds, with our Head Coach leading a committed team of coaches, and volunteers.

The purpose of the Trust is to make equestrian accessible; using equine partnerships to bring about a positive impact in the community. The Trust provides opportunities for people to interact with horses, regardless of age, or ability, and provides pathways to equestrian sport and recreation.

We  aim to provide everyone with an opportunity to be able to experience equestrian activities. Initially the organisation was created to fill the gap between Riding for the Disabled / Special Olympics, and independent riding (riding schools and pony clubs).  

Our supported* riding programmes focus on people with disabilities, but are available to everyone.  We tailor our classes to each individual; working with parents, carers, health care workers or others supporting each individual toward their personal goals.   We continually review the programmes we offer, to provide for a wider range of opportunities, and  meet the demand from our community. 

Our independent* riding programmes are targeted at absolute beginners, whatever their abilities.  Our goal is to see all our riders reach their potential.  If they are riding independently, then we support them moving onto other local riding instructors, schools, or even into competition pathways.   We offer an education in basic horse care skills, before moving on to riding instruction - leading, and groundwork, grooming, and general care of horses.  NB: for those riders without a disability we may cap the number of lessons to 10. We cater for 2 riders without disabilities at any one time.

We work with other community organisations, and welcome collaboration with others.  We currently operate from leased land in Stanmore Bay, with an outdoor working area, surrounded by beautiful bush.

*Supported riders are those that need support to mount, dismount, or stay in the saddle, while independent riders are able to mount, dismount, and sit securely in the saddle without additional assistance. 

Important Note - We do not call our services  'therapy' or 'rehabilitation' (despite the well documented therapeutic effects of animals on many disabilities) as our coaches are not formally qualified to provide those services.  However, we are able to work with any, and all, therapeutic support for our clients. Our coaches will tailor sessions to include any exercises directed by qualified therapeutic support, and the feedback we receive from parents and caregivers is overwhelmingly positive about the changes they see from attending our sessions.